Inspired by Photosynth's autoplay feature, I created a Photosynth screen saver this morning. :)

[EDIT: I've taken this down.  I've had enough people tell me that it doesn't work properly on their PCs.  I have left a link to the code down below, in case someone wants to make this work!  Apologies etc.] 

The screen saver will auto-navigate around all the photos in a Photosynth collection.

To install the screen saver:

1. Download the .zip file by clicking on the link, and save it to some location on your computer.

2. Extract the .zip file.  You will find one file, Photosynth.scr,

3. Right-click on Photosynth.scr and select "Install" from the menu that comes up.

This will bring you to the list of screen savers, where you can choose "Settings..." to set a few options.

The screen saver requires that you have installed the .NET Framework 2.0, which you can get from Windows Update.  I built this using the Screen Saver Starter Kit that's included in Visual Studio C# Express Edition. 

Update: I have heard that some Windows XP users are experiencing trouble getting the screen saver to exit.  I'm not sure what the issue is here; I haven't heard of any problems on Windows Vista.  If someone with XP could take a look at the (very simple) code and help me debug it, I'd be much obliged.

In the meantime, if for whatever reason the screen saver does not exit when you move your mouse, you can press Alt-F4 to close it.



Download code