Bebo: The "closed garden" approach isn't working for me.  I already have a place I store photos (Flickr) and a place where I blog (here).  I can't say I like Bebo's functionality for either feature any better.  Maybe if I had a zillion friends on Bebo it would make sense to keep my blog and images there.  Something tells me I'm not quite their target demographic. 

MySpace: MySpace seems to be a place for rock bands from around the world to invite random people to be their friends.  Also, see above re: "closed garden."

Twitter: Still don't get it.

But... then there's:

Facebook: Actually, I joined this about 2 weeks ago and didn't mention it on my blog, because I hadn't heard folks in Ireland (or Microsoft) talking about this social network.  But I am amazed by how many of my friends from back in Canada are on it.  Jonas tells me that a maelstrom of Norwegians have descended upon Facebook as well.  AND Facebook lets me import my MSDN blog's RSS feed!  (Not my Flickr pics, though).  So I'm quite impressed!

p.s. Hello to my Facebook friends!