It has now been almost three years since I joined Microsoft to work with developers in Ireland.  During that time, Microsoft has unleashed one-and-a-half new Visual Studios, presented the world a new Vista, and most recently they've shed some SilverLight on things.  Meanwhile, I've kept up the auld vices: dabbling in AI, shooting some photographs, and even introducing people to the occasional moose.

Silverlit Vista, Georgian Bay

But all good things must come to an end.  The silverlit vista pictured here was the view out my window last night on Georgian Bay, just north of Toronto.  I've been back in Canada this week, and am returning on Friday for my Microsoft Ireland home stretch between now and the 18th of June.

Next month, I'll be saying farewell and returning to Toronto for an exciting summer that will culminate with my sister Elizabeth's wedding in September.  (She and her fiancé Jason are the ones with the adorable husky dogs.)  Then, with backpack and camera over shoulders, I'm off to see the world.  And beyond that?  Well, I have some ideas, but you'll have to keep in touch :)

Between now and the middle of June, there are some big things happening for developers in Ireland:

  • There's a Windows Server 2008 (née Longhorn Server) Jumpstart event coming up in Dublin with some great developer-focused content.
  • Then, at the Irish Microsoft Technology Conference on the 7th of June, I'm giving the talk I've always wanted to give, which will feature XNA, the XBox360, the Wiimote control, Microsoft Robotics Studio, and dancing robots.  Rob's last stand.
  • And, great news for the team, we have three great new people joining the Developer and Platform group in Ireland!!

And now for a little housekeeping: Although I'll keep posting here for a few weeks, I'm going to move my weblog off of MSDN, and over to my shiny new blog over at  I'll still be exploring and building and humming and hah-ing, and hope you'll join me there, where we'll carry on this motif: [.NET, AI, Photography, Moose].  For your convenience and my sanity, I'm going to split the blog into three main subscription feeds: Personal, Technical, and (Personal + Technical = ) Everything.

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of my past three years with Microsoft.  With a month left, it's too early to get sappy, but I do want to take this chance to say thanks for all the craic, and I very much look forward to keeping in touch.

with very best wishes,