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  • Blog Post: Microsoft WebsiteSpark Overview for Hosting Partners

    Check out the overview webcast now available on the WebsiteSpark™program.  The webcast covers the benefits the program brings to Hosting Partners as well as a step-by-step demonstration on how to sign up as a Hosting Partner.
  • Blog Post: Internet Explorer Mobile 6 Device Emulators Available!

    Internet Explorer Mobile 6 provides MUCH improved rendering and web site support for Windows Mobile. The package located here includes Windows Mobile 6.1.4 device emulator images (Professional and Standard) that can be used for development and testing with Internet Explorer Mobile 6. Internet Explorer...
  • Blog Post: Trust and Hyper-V

    I have spent a lot of time onsite in the trenches with customers who have both the .NET Platform and the Java/Unix platform. Many of these customers are in the telecommunications industry with a heavy focus on Java/Unix. Given that Unix was born at Ma Bell, I can understand the love but sometimes...
  • Blog Post: Hosting Webcast Series: PHP on Windows

    I delivered a webcast on April 23rd covering Windows Server 2008 and PHP that includes a step-by-step demonstration on configuring and testing PHP on Windows Server 2008 as well as integrating PHP with .NET services in IIS 7.  Here is the event overview: Windows Server® 2008 featuring Internet...
  • Blog Post: Plight of the last Windows Server 2003 server on

    Please send words of encouragement to the last Windows Server 2003 machine on here .  The lone Windows Server 2003 server has a Facebook and LinkedIn page as well:-)  Pretty creative way to get the message out that runs on Windows Server 2008, except for lone server of course...
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