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New to Me: Microsoft Invited to Join Eclipse Foundation

New to Me: Microsoft Invited to Join Eclipse Foundation

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According to this eWeek article, the new director of the Eclipse Foundation is interested in having Microsoft join the project.

Eclipse Director Targets Microsoft

In an interview last week with eWEEK, Eclipse Executive Director Mike Milinkovich said an invitation has been extended to Microsoft to join the open-source initiative and to help evolve development of the platform. In fact, Milinkovich said, an invitation was extended to Microsoft before he took the helm and before Eclipse was made independent.

  • Eclipse is an excellent IDE, better than (the current) Visual Studio in some ways as I had to use it for a project, but it's not like Mozilla where helping them would really help the users and improve MS' image.

    I don't really get why the eclipse project would want MS help... Although, if you could compile to .NET seamlessly in addition to Java I'm sure it'd help you guys push .NET!
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