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Dave Verwer on VSTS

Dave Verwer on VSTS

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Dave Verwer, who's attending TechEd 2004 Europe in Amsterdam this week, has a nice post on how the presentations he's seeing there on Visual Studio Team System have changed his opinion of it (for the better).

TechEd 2004 Europe - Day 3 - Visual Studio Team System

I have attended 3 sessions here today with Prashant Sridharan (who needs to blog so I can link to him :) on the new Visual Studio Team System and I have not been so wowed in a long time. Before the conference I had heard the announcement of the product and some of its features but I didnt really take a lot of notice because I have been so busy at work. I figured it would be a few little extensions to VS.NET and a new source control engine - I wasnt very excited about it. However now I have seen it talked about and demoed for a few hours, my opinion has done a complete 180.

"Developing large solutions just got a lot easier."

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