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Figure the Odds

Figure the Odds

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I'm at White River with my daughter Stephanie waiting for my "Evening with Rush" to start. Who is sitting right behind me? The one and only Don Box. Figure the odds.

[UPDATE] - How geeky is it to blog at a concert?

[UPDATE 2] - Added links.

[UPDATE 3] - Plus, I've been Scobleized.

  • Very geeky! I like it, though. How did you blog? WiFi?
  • T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition.
  • Ahh, I was hoping they had WiFi there. Was the concert good?
  • Too Geeky, put down the laptop and enjoy the show!
  • I get up at seven, yeah,
    And I go to work at nine.
    I got no time for livin',
    Yes, I'm blogin' all the time.

    It seems to me
    I could live my life
    A lot better than I think I am.
    I guess that's why they call me,
    They call me the blogging man.

    They call me the blogging man.
    I guess that's what I am.

    I get home at five o'clock,
    And I take myself out a nice, cold beer.
    Always seem to be wonderin'
    Why there's nothin' goin' down here.


    Well they call me the blogging man.
    I guess that's what I am.
  • That's awesome! I can't wait till they swing back to the east coast in August. I imagine Don won't make the trip with them though.
  • The concert was terrific. I really enjoyed the opening, which was an overture spanning 30 years of Rush.
  • At White River again with my daughter for another Rush concert (see Figure the Odds and Rush Redux ).

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