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New Team System Blog Posts - 2004-07-20

New Team System Blog Posts - 2004-07-20

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One of those slow days for Team System posts. I was really expecting more stuff in the news from the Rational Users Conference.

Spurred on by Korby's post, Chris Rathjen has added a lengthy post on the subject of shelving.

Chris Rathjen: Shelving!

Korby just promoted (to 'public') a discussion we've had going internally for awhile now - what to call shelve and shelveset. Read up on the feature overview, if you don't know about it yet. I'm the tester 'at the plate' for shelve/unshelve/shelveset testing, so I'm naturally interested in feedback on the naming as well.

Jason Anderson has a pointer to the series of Channel 9 videos that captured his and Tom Arnold's impromptu post-Geek Dinner presentation late last month.

Jason Anderson: Videos of VSTS on Channel 9!!!

Tom Arnold and I gave this presentation totally unplanned in the middle night for a group of curious customers. All the video parts are now posted, there are 4 total and we walk through many of the Developer and Test tools... Enjoy!

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