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New Team System Stuff - 2004-10-27

New Team System Stuff - 2004-10-27

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Domain-Specific Language Tools & The Software Factories Vision

During Rick Rashid's keynote at OOPSLA on Tuesday, Microsoft announced a new framework and tool for building custom visual designers based on the modeling technology in Visual Studio 2005. This is the same technology that was used to build the Class Designer and Distributed System Designers in Visual Studio 2005. These domain-specific language tools are key to eventually realizing the vision of software factories.

Here's where you can find the official press release:

Microsoft Grows Partner Ecosystem Around Visual Studio 2005 Team System

New Framework and Tool Streamline Development and Mark First Step Toward Ecosystem Based on Domain-Specific Designers for Visual Studio 2005 Team System

And there are quite a few articles from the usual industry news outlets:

Some related blog posts:

Of course, it's no surprise that there are a few people that aren't fully convinced on software factories:

Discussions have started on the topic:

And support from a Visual Studio partner for those using UML:

"Software Factories offer a more specific and simplified approach to software development than UML and other modeling languages can provide today," said Rick LaPlante, general manager for the Visual Studio 2005 Team System at Microsoft. "However there may be customers who want a more rigorous approach to visual design, such as UML. For those customers, Borland will be able to provide a modeling solution that can leverage the best of both worlds."

We'll be posting more information soon about the framework and tool in the Visual Studio Team System workshop.

OOPSLA Daily Update

Here are a few daily updates from some of the people that are attending OOPSLA in Vancouver, BC:


Chris Rathjen has a post on his blog (Running As Normal User) about the challenges of enabling people to use Visual Studio Team System as a normal user (i.e., not as an administrator). One of the goals we're trying to achieve in Visual Studio 2005 is to enable users to use the environment without having to run as an administrator. Of course, running as an administrator has serious implications and can result in devestating reprecussions if your computer is compromised while using an account with administrator access.

Upcoming Events (New Events)

Want to hear more about Team System? Here are some upcoming events where Visual Studio Team System is on the agenda:

NOV 2004

FEB 2005

Got an event you'd like me to include here? Contact me. Otherwise, I'll just ditch this feature on 11/2.

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