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VSTS December CTP Now Available on MSDN

VSTS December CTP Now Available on MSDN

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Visual Studio 2005 CTP - December 2004 - DVD (English) is now propagating to the MSDN Subscriber Downloads servers.

Here are some visual guides for installing:

Two-Computer Install (including Domain Controller)

Three-Computer Install (plus Domain Controller)

  • Is there any other way of getting this? I got a note saying that the Nov. CTP was going to be sent to me as a beta tester and now you have the Dec available to MSDN people...

    You guys should really post these online for the beta testers too.

    still says:

    Coming Soon: December Community Technology Preview

  • I like the guides. SQL server december CTP and VS december CTP are(n't) compatible with each other?
  • Where is the SQL install that the Team Server install readme references?
  • Aaron - You'll need to download SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 from MSDN Subscriber Downloads, too. This is not included in the Dec CTP DVD image.

    Denny - We're working to get the pages on MSDN updated. Things take a little longer around the Holidays.

    Joku - For this CTP release, we require SQL Server 2005 Beta 2. We haven't done any testing using any of the CTP releases of SQL Server 2005.
  • December Visual Studio 2005 CTP: The Perfect Gift for that Special Someone!
  • Anybody else having problems reading from the DVD image?
  • As noted for the last release (

    Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 supports DVD images up to 2.2 GB in size, but the .ISO image for this release is 3.39 GB. If you want to try installing this release using virtual machines, you'll need to burn a DVD, or use software like Microsoft Virtual CD Control Panel 2.1 on the host computer and then use that drive from the virtual machine.
  • Forgot to add - Virtual Server 2005 has the same limitation.
  • Just a comment...
    I figured things are a bit crazy right now.

    I was happy as a clam to have got the download today!!!

    Now to start my holiday fun :-)
    ( Geek Fun that is! )

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