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VSTS December CTP Now Available on MSDN

VSTS December CTP Now Available on MSDN

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Visual Studio 2005 CTP - December 2004 - DVD (English) is now propagating to the MSDN Subscriber Downloads servers.

Here are some visual guides for installing:

Two-Computer Install (including Domain Controller)

Three-Computer Install (plus Domain Controller)

  • In response to James Hancock's question above...

    We distribute all Visual Studio CTPs on MSDN Subscriber Downloads. We wish we could distribute CTPs on Microsoft Downloads, but the file size is prohibitive for that infrastructure. MSDN Subscriber Downloads is optimized for large (several GBs) downloads and requires the File Transfer Manager. Microsoft Downloads is optimized for files in the MBs range and uses simple HTTP file transfer. If you received a copy of the November CTP in the mail, you'll also receive a copy of the December CTP.
  • I got the installation up and running, the setup was a lot smoother than the last time around :-), thanks for the awesome installation document !

    I've been trying out the various options and I am stuck in Source control. How do I delete items from the source control ? unbind only removes the associations, the file seems to be still in source control?

    I read about the "h" command line program but its giving me fusion log errors. Since there are just too many files that i checked in that was part of our project, Visual Studio takes me around 10-20 minutes to load a solution. It would be helpful if there is any easy way to delete all of those files..

    What version is the Visual Studio that came with this CTP, it kind of looks like the October CTP as the web projects still have Application_xxx directories instead of the app_xxx directories.

    Is there any help document available on managing the users, groups, I tried adding a couple of groups and users but they don't show in the drop-down when I want to assign work items to them. Any pointers for any of these would greatly be helpful.

    Thanks !
  • Can you please point me to the location where I can download the dec ctp? I can't find it in my msdn universal subscription. Which folder?
  • You can find the download at under Developer Tools / Visual Studio 2005 / Visual Studio 2005 Community Technology Preview DVD Builds
  • Is the CTP version that was put up on the 21st (then pulled) the exact same version as the one put up on the 23rd?
  • I received e-mail from someone about a posting that showed up early. I have no idea if those were same bits or not.
  • I'm not asking you to put it on

    I'm asking you to put it on so that the beta testers can get it in a reasonable time frame. I mean real beta testers here.

    I STILL haven't received my november ctp, little own my Dec ctp.

    The beta site is designed to download this size of image, so it shouldn't be a problem, and you'd be limiting it to the real beta testers that should be using it to test on. This just makes sense....
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