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VSTS December CTP Now Available on MSDN

VSTS December CTP Now Available on MSDN

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Visual Studio 2005 CTP - December 2004 - DVD (English) is now propagating to the MSDN Subscriber Downloads servers.

Here are some visual guides for installing:

Two-Computer Install (including Domain Controller)

Three-Computer Install (plus Domain Controller)

  • I tried all CTPs (October and November) with SQL Server 2005 CTP October 32 bit Developer Edition(I belive it's beta 3) and did not work at all. Any ideas?
  • I've used WinRar ( in the past to unpack the images. Then share the folder with the Virtual PC image and install. Go grap a cup of coffee while you're waiting though... :)
  • James - I'll pass along your feedback re:

    Priyank - As per the most recent Installation Guide, you must use SQL Server 2005 Beta 2.

    GuyIncognito - Good tip. Thanks!
  • I haven't attempted an install yet (I gave up on the first one that was released).. but looking at those two diagrams, I want to kiss whoever made and published them.

    My documentation of my own systems is not very good, so I'm not perfect here.. but relying on MS's written instructions is sometimes an exercise in futility.
  • I'm guilty on both charges - I wrote the docs and created the diagrams. Any feedback you have on improving either, please contact me:
  • Thanks about!!! I'm dying to try the Dec CTP considering that it's well into your big push for B2 and thus should be MUCH more stable than the Nov CTP that came before the big zero bug push :)
  • <p>I&#39;ve installed the <a href=">December CTP of Visual Studio 2005</a> and have run into what
    I consider to be a bug in the <code>BindingList&lt;T&gt;</code> class. Aside from having moved
  • Me too... doesn't work right with most business objects right now because it throws a binding error.

    I've been told that it will be fixed for the offical B2 release.
  • The December CTP made it out during the Month of December. It is of the VSTS bits and you can read more about it

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