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  • I'm reading your posts!!!! :-)
  • With such an interesting subject I'll bet everyone is now reading.

    For me the self-editing occurs usually cause I'm a slow thinker. Then while writing what I thought up I'll often discover that I'm countering my previous thought. Should this cause a "loop" I can find myself making a post for hour and ending up not posting anything. Not very often, but happens..
  • You don't even want to know how long I spent on that first post. Suffice to say, only three sentences survived from the first draft and they are all in the quote, which isn't mine of course.
  • I am reading yr posts.... (from the other side of the earth)
  • I've been there myself and I've had my own false starts, I just decided to begin everything again and forget about the rest, anyhow it's my own blog :p
  • Shhhh y'all! We don't want him to know we're reading or he won't be able to post like this any more. Now everybody be quiet. Geez.

  • good post.

    you've touched upon something that holds back people in almost every aspect of life. thanks.
  • Hi Rob, another approach you can take is to just post and force yourself not to make an update to that particular entry.
  • Hmmm...why did it show the post as being at 9:20 PM (6 hours from now)?
  • You hate the food? Even all the lovely snacks between sessions?
  • Cool, what model are you using?
  • The T-Mobile Pocket PC phone using Pocket IE.
  • Congratulations on the announcement!

    Take care,
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