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Database Diagramming in SQL Server 2005

Database Diagramming in SQL Server 2005

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In an earlier post on this blog (New Team System Stuff - 2004-12-07), I was asked if SQL Server 2005 would regain the diagramming capability found in SQL Server 2000. According to this recent webcast (Management Studio Q and A) on the SQL Server Developer Center, it'll be in a later build – perhaps Beta 3.

  • Hopefully this will be based on a visio standard diagram that can be exported or copied out of SQL server.

    While the diagramming tool is fairly good in SQL 2000, not being able to export the diagram is a real pain.
  • Actually Rob database diagramming is in the November and December CTPs. It only works against Yukon Beta2 and greater. I jumped for joy when I realized it was back.
  • Paul - are you referring to diagramming in SQL Server Management Studio or Visual Studio? I'm referring to SQL Server Management Studio.
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