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Bitten by NewsGator

Bitten by NewsGator

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I’ve been using the NewsGator Outlook add-in since sometime last year. I don’t know why it happens, but subscription information is volatile. Without intentionally editing it, it can change by itself.

For example, after connecting to the Internet through a hotel Internet access system this past week, the majority of my subscription URLs became the URL of that system.


Because of that, I missed almost a week of my subscribed blog feeds. I exported my feeds to an OPML file earlier this year, but it’s missing everything I’ve subscribed to since then.

I guess it’s time to start looking into alternatives…suggestions welcome. I tried SharpReader and RSS Bandit before NewsGator, I’ll give them another look.

  • Pluck is ok, but SR still is my reader of choice.
  • I recommend bloglines for an online reader, and Omea Reader would also be my pick for offline/client app readers.
  • Especially for people on the move, I'd recommend online readers: Newsgator has an online channel. I actually prefer

    Full access to the blogs from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Try RSS Popper ( It's a freeware RSS add-in for Outlook
  • FeedDemon - best $50 I ever spent...
  • Bloglines is cool! Or you can try the new version of RSS Bandit.
  • Definitely try Omea Reader

  • give you subscribe:rss a try. works in outlook however engine outside of outlook. fast. in preview release as a .83. Plus ie plugin autoscans pages for feeds.
  • I'm using OnFolio and thinking it Rocks!!!
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