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Time for Me to Fly, Again

Time for Me to Fly, Again

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Once again, I’m back at Sea-Tac waiting for a flight to TechEd and enjoying the spoils of the Alaska Airlines Boardroom with Korby. Our flight was over-sold, so we both volunteered our seats in exchange for free tickets to anywhere Alaska (or Horizon) Airlines flies. Other than arriving later, the only drawback is that we’re now connecting through Houston instead of flying non-stop. I must admit, I experienced a feeling of Schadenfreude overhearing travel gone awry while standing in line at the customer service counter for the free ticket.

  • Eh, you haven't missed much so far. :-) (Says the dreary eyed saturday evening redeye traveller.)
  • Rob and I hit the road at 6:45AM in Redmond, WA, en route to TechEd Orlando. Around 8:00AM, we traded...
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