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Viewing Downloaded CHM Files

Viewing Downloaded CHM Files

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A recent security update (Security Update for Windows XP - KB896358) has modified the behavior of files you download from the Internet. In this case, the download in question is the Team Foundation Installation Guide .chm file.

Option 1

After saving the file locally (for example, to your Desktop), try to open the file. You’ll see a message that looks like this:

Security Warning

To view the content in this file, click to clear the Always ask before opening this file check box, and then click Open.

Option 2

Or, right-click the file, click Properties, and then on the General tab click Unblock.

File Properties

I should've caught this when the Assistance Platform folks posted this.

And then there is this: After you install security update 896358, downloaded Compiled Help Module files cannot be opened.

  • Thanks for this, Rob. I was caught off gaurd when trying to download the file for a client and submitted the report (I thankfully had a slightly older version handy that I forwarded). Glad to see that there were more than I that missed the bulletin. ;o) By the way, kudos for posting the links in such a timely fashion. Cheers.
  • Dudes, thanks,
    There I am with a board member from Adobe, and I can't open the file I need to configure his machine. You made me look smart.

  • Wouldn’t it be nice…
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  • Viewing these files isn't a problem for me, but any links to external web resources in a .chm file always bring them up in MSIE. I've instructed Windows that my choice of browser is Firefox, not MSIE. How can I get Windows to always respect my choice of browser and not dictate it's own to me with .CHM files?
  • i'm probably never coming back here. i'm not a high tech guy just needed to know wot to do to open a chm file and did not understand you guys.

    maybe i am extre dumb, but you guys are being too technical to help someone like me.

    kudos, although i have no idea what that means.

    please don't hack me.
  • There's a new edition of the Team Foundation Server Administrator's Guide that's hot of the presses and

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  • OK I admit it, I thought it was something I was doing incorrectly... or something I was doing caused

  • PingBack from

  • Awesome, thank you. I was about to fly off the handle until I found this post.

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