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Team System Training Opportunity

Team System Training Opportunity

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As I’ve noted before, Chris Menegay is one of a few experts on Team System outside of Microsoft (he has even corrected me a few times to my chagrin). I recently blogged about his Grok Talk overview session on Team System that he gave at TechEd in Orlando earlier this month. Now, his company Notion Solutions is offering a 3–day course (syllabus here) on Team System in Dallas twice next month (7/13–15 & 7/25–27) at the local Microsoft office.

50629.1135: I meant to include this link, too. They also have a list of Team System courses that are under development. See the course list.

  • That'll probably be the same course he's giving (and I'm attending) this week in Columbus, Ohio. I'm blogging about it this week.
  • Steve, It's real close to what you are taking this week. We're actually modifying and deepening the material, and will make a decision late next week what to include (deeper labs) and what not to include for the public class.

  • Wouldn’t it be nice…
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