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Osellus: Using RUP in Team System

Osellus: Using RUP in Team System

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Some of the frequently asked questions we get about Team System and how it relates to RUP are:

  • Can I use RUP in Team System?
  • Can RUP processes be brought into Team System in the form of process templates?
  • Can Team System provide a process enactment platform for RUP?

IRIS Process Author from Osellus offers such a solution. Following the link below you can view a Flash presentation (< 10 minutes) from Osellus on how this works:

Osellus :: Solutions :: Microsoft :: rup-vsts

Customers using RUP® can enact processes based on this methodology in Visual Studio Team System using IRIS Process Author. IRIS Process Author imports the full contents of customers’ RUP®, including content from any installed RUP® plug-in. The resulting processes can then be deployed on Visual Studio Team System without any modifications or tailored before deployment. RUP® processes appear as process templates in Visual Studio Team System. The solution significantly expands the return-on-investment (ROI) for RUP® through the real-time management of RUP® phases, iterations, activities, roles, artifacts and guidelines across each project instance of a tailored RUP® process.

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[Update] It looks like Eric Jarvi blogged about this just a bit ago.

  • Just noticed that link for IRIS Process Author is this:

  • Hold the shift key and double click
    New Team System Stuff - 2005-08-24
    Eric Lee: July CTP workarounds...
  • I was wondering if there is already a rup process&amp;nbsp;template avaible for visual studio team system....
  • Yes, we have both the standard IBM-RUP as well as public domain Unified Process available in IRIS Process Author. For tailored versions of IBM-RUP, we have a RUP-bridge that brings RUP data in IRIS Process Author.

    All this process content in IRIS can be used to create a tailored process template for VSTS.

    Note that with IBM-RUP you have licensing implication for distributing content but with Unified Process you don't.

    ~Sammy Wahab
    Dir. of Process Consulting
    Osellus Inc.
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