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Upgrading to Team Foundation Server (RTM)

Upgrading to Team Foundation Server (RTM)

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To upgrade from Team Foundation Server Release Candidate (RC), or Team Foundation Server Beta 3 Refresh, to Team Foundation Server (RTM), you should download this upgrade utility package and follow the enclosed instructions:

If you’re still using Team Foundation Server Beta 3 Refresh and you only want to upgrade to Team Foundation RC, use this utility pacakage:


  • both links lead to the refresh to RTM upgrade package...
  • I just checked both links and each one goes to the appropriate upgrade package.
  • Will I be able to update from Beta 3 or RC or RTM in English to a different language version as easily?
  • Buck Hodges points out that manually modifying the TFS database is a bad idea.

    Eric Lee gives us Backing...
  • Downloaded TFSUpgradePackageRTM.exe to upgrade my TFS Beta 3 Refresh install and got as far as Step 8: Install the ASP.NET Update from the Product Media.  Here it states:

    You must install an update for ASP.NET before you install Team Foundation Server RTM or the installation will fail. The update is included on the Team Foundation Server product media in the KB913393 folder and can also be downloaded from the Microsoft Web site (

    I have the 180 day trial of Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite which contains two CDs and one DVD, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio 2005, and SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition.  Received it a few months ago.  None of which contain any files or folders even resembling KB913393.  It is just not there.  Oddly enough, neither is the webpage mentioned in the upgrade guide.  Searching for KB913393 pretty much gives me nothing.  I have seen a few posts where others are saying the same thing about the missing update.  What is the deal?

    I followed the rest of the instructions anyway and sure enough, the reinstall failed.

    Can anyone throw me a bone please?

    Eagerly waiting to play with Team Suite,

    [via Rob Caron]
    As I was having changes on my career as well as life during those weeks, having...
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    As I was having changes on my...
  • Hey Matt,
    The KB913393 article has not been released yet. BUT it is on the TFS RC and latest trial edition media.
  • Update on the TFS MSSCCI Provider: One step closer to tossing VSS out the window.  *BOOT!*
  • Hi,
    Can u tell me anyone where can I download KB913393 ?
    I value ur help!
    Regards Betim
  •  Courtesy of Rob Caron
    A Hitchhiker's Guide to Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition
  • Is there a 64-bit version of the KB913393 update?  If so, where can I download it?
  • Hi,
    At least, I've install TFS, and the last problem was in IIS users. IUSR_computername and IWAM_computername were disabled. And one attention for Microsoft, a lot of different problems addressed with one message(26105).

    Sincerely Betim Drenica, MCP
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