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Team Foundation Version Control Sidekick

Team Foundation Version Control Sidekick

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A few weeks ago, I blogged about an application from Attrice for managing Team Foundation version control workspaces (Managing Version Control Workspaces). 

I just got word that there’s a new release available (1.0.2), which includes both Workspace Sidekick and Status Sidekick. Status Sidekick provides insight into pending changes.

This version includes:

  • An updated release of Workspace Sidekick that allows duplication of workspace definitions to help administer uniformly structured workspaces.
  • Status Sidekick provides GUI for viewing pending changes across users and team projects, filtering the results by user/project, viewing detailed data of pending changes and performing Unlock/Undo on selected changes.


  • From the people who brought you Team Foundation Version Control Sidekick (Attrice) now comes...
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