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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

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Today is my last day as Team System Content Architect in Developer Division User Education (DDUE). I started working on Visual Studio docs as a writer in early 1999 for what became Visual Studio .NET 2002, which included some of the original docs for Web services. After that, I contributed docs on enterprise software development for Visual Studio .NET 2003, and most recently on a variety of topics for Visual Studio 2005 Team System. After seven years, it's time to do something a little different.

Like David Anderson, I'm Still Working for BillG, but unlike David, I'll still be doing that at Microsoft. Come Monday, I begin my new job as Lead Product Manager for Developer Tools Content Strategy. In my new role, I get to lead a team (a first for me at Microsoft) and work on a much larger content challenge, including chunks of MSDN Online.

But don't rush to unsubscribe from my RSS feed just yet, Mary Jo. My world view will now include content that supports the full spectrum of Microsoft developer tools that fly the Visual Studio flag, from Visual Studio Express Editions to Team System. My plan is to expand this blog to become a Visual Studio Nexus, and I'll also be blogging about topics that are pertinent to my new role.

Okay, so perhaps the title of this post is a bit much for changing jobs at the same company. It's the title of the Douglas Adams book my mom gave me for Christmas before I left for Navy boot camp the following day. As such, it always comes to mind when I move to a new job. Thanks, Mom.


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  • Dude - sounds great :) Good luck and have fun at the new spot!
  • Rob Caron , the BlogFather of Visual Studio Team System has announced that today is his last day in his
  • Looking forward to all the new post topics. Good luck!
  • As most of you will know Rob Caron (and his blog) have been one of the major news sources for communicating
  • Good luck in your new role.
    thank you for all the intresting & informative posts on VSTS!
  • Rob Caron on So Long and Thanks For All The Fish.

    Naren on WorkItemTracking object model primer. ...
  • Best of luck to you, Rob!  Your contrbutions to the VSTS community have been immense.  I'm looking forward to seeing the changes you'll bring to the Visual Studio community as well.

    Chris Bowen
  • Rob,

    Best wishes in your new role.  Given how effective you have been in your current position, I'm sure you will have great success.

    Cheers Mate!

  • Good luck to you in your new position. you've been extremely helpful, thanks for everything you've done here.
  • Good luck in your new role.
  • I didn't realise you are a dolphin (HHGTTG). :)

  • Last month, my wife and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. It's not romantic, but one of the

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