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Looking for Blogs that Focus on Testing

Looking for Blogs that Focus on Testing

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I first visited James Bach's blog over two years ago (New Team System Stuff - 2004-08-28), but I must've misplaced his RSS feed during a reader change, or system refresh. Anyway, a post on the Tyner Blain blog (Rinse, Lather, Repeat - 10 Reasons to Repeat Tests) helped me re-discover James' excellent blog.

I'm currently seeking additional blogs that focus on testing as a discipline. I already have The Braidy Tester and Sara Ford's WebLog. If you'd like to recommend some, please comment this post. Thanks.


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  • Brian Marick is a testing guru. His site is at (but for some reason I can't access it at the moment -- hopefully it's just Internet flakiness at my location).
  • My blog focuses significantly on database unit testing. Check it out :)
  • I'd recommend for Roy Osherove's blog (
  • A co-worker recommended the following: QA Insight Testing Reflections, a compendium of blogs
  • Hi Rob, I focus extensivley on testing on my blog htp:// Regards, Bruce
  • Thanks for the hat-tip, Rob. In addition to James Bach's blog and The Braidy Tester, (both are excellent, I agree!), I also read Agile Testing Test Driven .com The Shade Tree Developer And a couple others that don't update as frequently. Scott ps: the link in my comment is to the testing category at Tyner Blain - which may help people filter out all of the product management and other SDLC articles.

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