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Now Available: Visual Studio 2005 SP1

Now Available: Visual Studio 2005 SP1

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As noted on Soma's blog: VS 2005 SP1 is released!

For details, see Visual Studio 2005 SP1.

You'll find four links at the bottom of that page. There are separate downloads for Team Suite, Team Foundation Server, and the Visual Studio Express Editions. The Team Suite download includes the SP1 bits for Standard, Professional, and Team Editions of Visual Studio. In addition, you'll find a link to a beta of the Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Update for Windows Vista. However, it probably won't be available until sometime on Friday.



  • Hi Rob

    We Have Tried The VS 2005 SP1 Beta Version On The Professional Edition , First Thing Noticed It Takes Large Disk Drive Space Nearly 1 GB May Be a little More , The Second Thing It Slow Down All The Running Applications Though I Use 1 GB Ram  , The Third and Dis-Appointed One Is That It Could Not Complete The Installation With Error Message About Disk Space (The Installation Was in Its 0 Second Remaining and There Was 239 MB For Free On The Drive)

    I Think Installing The Hot Fixes Needed Would Be Better Than Installing The Whole SP1 beta

  • Ayé, comme annoncé sur le blog de Rob Caron : le sp1 de Visual Studio 2005 est là . Je ne dirais qu'une

  • Beaucoup de personnes l'attendaient et bien maintenant l'attente est finie J En effet le SP 1 de Visual

  • Would you happen to know if there's any information on the differences between SP1 Beta and RTM?

  • If I am running Vista, would I apply SP1, and then the SP1 Update for Vista, or just the SP1 Update for Vista?

  • As you've probably heard by now via Soma , Brian , or Rob (among others), Visual Studio SP1 is available

  • Beaucoup de personnes l'attendaient et bien maintenant l'attente est finie J En effet le SP 1 de Visual

  • After the TFS SP1 install the source control stop working; any workaround currently available for this issue?

    Event Type: Error

    Event Source: TFS Version Control

    Event Category: None

    Event ID: 3014

    Date: 12/16/2006

    Time: 9:01:41 AM

    User: N/A

    Computer: MACHINE1


    TF53010: An unexpected condition has occurred in a Team Foundation component. The information contained here should be made available to your site administrative staff.

    Technical Information (for the administrative staff):

    Date (UTC): 12/16/2006 5:01:41 PM

    Machine: MACHINE1

    Application Domain: /LM/W3SVC/3/Root/VersionControl-1-128107620985815350

    Assembly: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Server, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a; v2.0.50727

    Process Details:

     Process Name: w3wp

     Process Id: 2360

     Thread Id: 1192

     Account name: DOMAIN\tfsservice

    Detailed Message: TF53018: The application tier MACHINE1 is attempting to connect to a data tier with an incompatible version.

    For more information, see Help and Support Center at

  • After installing SP1, Properties window stopped working in the Source view of an ASP.NET page. The Properties window used to display properties for selected item (though slowly), now it is just blank window with empty list of elements. I am thinking about uninstalling SP1

  • Has anyone else installed SP1 for TFS and found that it breaks all your clients? Getting a fatal error connecting to the Web service, which implies that the schema has been changed again.

    No-where in the (currently non-existent) documentation for the SP does it say that you must have VS2005 SP1 to connect to TFS SP1. And even if it did, my VS2005 install with SP1 final on it won't connect to TFS SP1 either.

    Uninstalling the SP from TFS fixes everything, whether I'm using VS2005 RTM or VS2005 SP1.

    Any idea what gives? Because if it's this broken, plenty of people are going to have issues with it. Whereas if it's just me, I'd kinda like a workaround :-)


  • For SP1 Release Notes, see:

  • Thanks, Rob. I'd seen those.

    I've read elsewhere that you should install the SP on the data tier as well as the app tier, but when I tried to run the install on the data tier it said I didn't have any relevant products installed.

    Ah well. I'll hold off SP1 until I have time to deal with the consequences :-)


  • For documentation about what is new in Visual Studio 2005 SP1, see:

  • Brian Harry has additional information about bug fixes in Team Foundation Server SP1:

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