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Free: Keyboard Shortcut Reference Posters for Visual Studio

Free: Keyboard Shortcut Reference Posters for Visual Studio

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Do you prefer to keep your hands on the keyboard when working in Visual Studio? If so, you'll appreciate this new cubicle art we posted last week that you can now download and print at your convenience:

Visual Basic Keybindings 

Visual Basic

Visual C# Keybindings

Visual C#

Visual C++ Keybindings

Visual C++

UPDATE: Yes, these are of more use if you're using a US English keyboard layout.


  • Ha Ha... I don't know how many people attempted to click the picture instead of the actual links and said "I can't see this!"... Fun Times :)

  • hmmmm...  fuzzy pictures???

  • Use the links under the pictures to download the charts..

  • tdallmann: Click on the textual hyperlinks, not the images.

  • tdallman, click the link under the pics, not the pics themselves... :)

  • tdallmann: If you click on the text you'll be directed to the download page.

    Rob, these are great! I've added them to my Cheat Sheet links on my blog and have printed them out. I've got a couple (albeit not as pretty) other cheat sheets I've whipped up on my blog too.

  • You need to click on the link to get to the download.

    Rob, you should either remove the link on the images or point them to the downloads.

  • Great VS reference poster from Rob Caron and company. Be sure to click on the link under the picture...

  • Great VS reference poster from Rob Caron and company. Be sure to click on the link under the picture

  • Excellent, many thanks.

  • Sadly, many shortcuts don't work on a french keyboard. I'll have to look by myself in the options to see how they mapped it...

  • Thanks for the links! I was wondering if anyone else has problems with links in buttons when the links are to PDF's. I've run across this on multiple computers where I click on the button (usually on MSDN) to download the file (usually PDF) and it will just freeze IE and I have to close that IE instance because it is using 90% of my CPU Process.

    So what I've had to do is create a HTML document with the links so that I can right click and "Save Target As". Any one else having this issue?

    Rob says: That sounds like a problem with the installation of your PDF reader. I found life got easier when I switched from Adobe's Acrobat Reader to a less "feature rich" PDF reader like the equally free alternative, eXPert PDF Reader by visagesoft.
  • Or you could download this free add-in I found a couple months ago called Command Spy.  Shows you the key bindings to all the commands you've run in Visual Studio, and it's free.

  • The pictures are very bad... I couldn't see anything ...

    Rob says: The pictures you see here are just lo-res thumbnails of the posters. I just updated the links when you click the images to go to Microsoft Downloads to obtain the hi-res versions.
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