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SharePoint 2007 Test Data Population Tool

SharePoint 2007 Test Data Population Tool

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There's a new tool on CodePlex (SharePoint 2007 Test Data Population Tool) that includes about a dozen performance testing scripts written for Team System's Web and load testing tools, which you can use to help perform capacity planning for your SharePoint 2007 deployment.


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  • From a quick glance at the article, it looks like this is for testing your SharePoint 2007 server. I may be wrong, but it appears that the only connection it has to Team System is that the test scripts borrowed code from Team System.

    Any update on whether or not TFS next release will be using SharePoint 2007? It would be great to make use of some of the new document review functionality, and lots of other stuff.

  • Disregard my previous comment. Just saw the article linked to by the "Team System News" comment. Doh!

  • Rob,

    This is great. Are there any plans to make the TF Robot tool avaialble to community as well? It would be great to have a tool to create data for TFS for test and demo purposes.



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