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Now Available: Team Foundation Server Power Tool v1.2

Now Available: Team Foundation Server Power Tool v1.2

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The February release of the Team Foundation Server Power Tool is now available for download. Formerly known as the Team Foundation Power Toy, these utilities pack too much punch to be considered toys.

In this release, among other things you'll find a process template editor that runs inside the Visual Studio IDE for customizing your own process templates. To use the editor, you must first install the Domain-Specific Language Tools for Visual Studio 2005 Redistributable Components.

The Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Power Tool (formerly known as Power Toys) is a set of enhancements, tools and command-line utilities that improve the Team Foundation Server user experience. This release includes two new command-line tools for the developer and three non-command line tools: a process template editor, a set of custom check-in policies, and a test tools build task:

  • Team Foundation Server Power Tool Commands (tfpt.exe) - A command-line tool with enhanced functionality for Team Foundation Version Control with graphical user interfaces for some commands.
  • Process Template Editor - A tool integrated with Visual Studio for authoring custom work item types and some of the associated process template components.
  • Check-In Policy Pack - A set of handy check-in policies to address needs customers have expressed.
  • Test Tools Build Task - A tool that allows running unit tests by simply specifying the DLLs, or by specifying a file name pattern in TfsBuild.proj, instead of using .vsmdi files to specify tests to run.

Source: Team Foundation Power Tool

UPDATE: See Redmond Developer News for an article about the process template editor: Microsoft Readies Visual Studio Process Editor.

UPDATE: See this video on Channel 9 with Ed Hintz: New Power Tools for Team Foundation Server.


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