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No Writers Were Harmed in the Writing of Our Documentation

No Writers Were Harmed in the Writing of Our Documentation

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I was tickled to see that some Team System documentation made it on to The Daily WTF today (not SQL Server 2005 docs as noted in the post), and I'm happy to report that nobody was murdered while writing them. Susan (we don't have a Mark on the Team System doc team) fixed the error and we'll have the corrected page published next week as part of the larger doc refresh for February.

Poor old Mark. Good guy. Kept to himself. Showed up day in, day out, writing documentation for SQL Server 2005 until one day when Sterling L. broke into his office, bludgeoned him to death with his own keyboard, and disappeared.  Mark was committed to his company, though, and in his dying moments barely managed to finish typing "Service Pack 1 as part of the installation."

Source: Unsolved Murder - The Daily WTF


  • Fixing is one... but what I really like to know is what the base64 for a spacer GIF (1x1 empty GIF-image) is doing in that place. ;-)

    Rob says: I have no clue.
  • Your blog posting contains a PNG.  IE displayed it as an image instead of a base-64 encoding.  WTWTF?

  • Derrick Pallas wrote:

    "The cool thing is that when you Base64 decode that, you get


    go ahead and type


    into the address bar of a browser near you.. it's just a spacer GIF that is being used as a data:uri; ironically, Internet Explorer DOES NOT support data:uri. I believe that when that browser can't display an image and the image has no alt text, it uses the URL as the alt text."

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