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Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, December 8th

Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, December 8th

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  1. ALM Summit 2011: Plenary Session: Lessons from the Cloud Brian Harry
  2. Channel 9 Live Event (Dec 13): Learn Windows Azure with Guthrie, Campbell, and Russinovich (sounds like a law firm)
    • You can register to attend online, or be part of the live studio audience in Redmond
  3. Scott Hanselman: Good UX in the Wild: Dropbox's attention to detail on their download page
  4. Beth Massi: Beginning LightSwitch Part 2: Feel the Love - Defining Data Relationships
  5. Michael Washington: An Advanced Visual Studio LightSwitch Application
  6. Channel 9: Project Compatibility in Visual Studio 11
  7. Visual Studio Magazine, Agile Advisor: Remaining Work is Key for Agile by Aaron Bjork
  8. Visual Studio Magazine, .NET Tips and Tricks: Return Multiple Values from Methods with Tuples by Peter Vogel
  9. Morten Nielsen: Building an Augmented Reality XAML control
  10. Channel 9 Golden Oldie: Using the new IntelliSense features in Visual Studio 2010

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