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How to: Install Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 Offline

How to: Install Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 Offline

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Now available: How to: Install Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 Offline (updated version of the content below)

Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 is now available for download. You’ll find that only a web installer is provided, which means you need to be online to install it as it acquires the necessary packages for your installed product at installation time.

11-26-2012 2-06-42 PM

But don’t fret if you need to download Update 1 for ease of installation in a VM, or on a disconnected machine. The web installer for Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 (vsupdate_KB2707250.exe) has built-in functionality to create your own local copy of the full update (one size fits all – Express, Pro, Test Pro, Premium, and Ultimate).

Note This is similar to how you create a network image: How to: Create and Run an Unattended Installation of Visual Studio.

To create a local copy of Update, save the web installer locally. Then open a command prompt at that location and run the EXE with the /layout switch.

11-26-2012 1-40-51 PM

This will launch an interactive experience where you can designate the Download Location (by default, your My Documents folder).

11-26-2012 1-42-12 PM

Click Download and the installer will then acquire all of the packages and save them to the designated folder. You can even watch each category flash by on the screen as it downloads.

11-26-2012 1-42-36 PM

Once it’s complete, you get the all clear message that looks like this:

11-26-2012 1-50-49 PM

Go to the folder you designated earlier, and you can find all the files you need to install Update 1 offline:

11-26-2012 1-51-34 PM

Remember, this is the full update. It has everything for updating Visual Studio 2012 IDE products and Test Professional.

11-26-2012 1-53-11 PM

You can now burn a DVD (almost 1 GB), create an ISO for use with a VM, or copy the folder structure to a portable drive. Be sure you copy both the EXE and the Packages folder from this download location. This version of the EXE will look for the packages locally instead of online.

This process works with most of the Visual Studio 2012 web installers, too. If you choose to download a Visual Studio 2012 product, chances are you’re running a build of the web installer with the /layout switch hard coded into it.


  • Is there any way to slipstream/merge the install with the main visual studio 2012 installer?

    I want to make things easier for my teams, rather than having to do 2 installs to upgrade their environments from VS2010 to VS2012+Update1.

  • Thanks for this, will make it easier.

  • @Josh - I'll have to check, but I suspect not. At least, not in a supported manner.

    @Glenn - You're welcome.

  • Thanks, this was very helpful for our team.

  • @Josh -  We do not have a way to slipstream the updates with the RTM installer.  It's something we are looking into for the future, especially with a faster pace of updates.  What we planned is for each VSUpdate to be cumulative.  What this means is that after VSUpdate 2 is released, you'll only have to install VSUpdate 2 to update a machine that doesn't have VSUpdate 1 installed.  You will not have to install VSUpdate 1 and then VSUpdate 2... so it'll be like slipstreaming all the updates together.

  • Thanks for this

  • How to specify Proxy settings?

    @DJ - I'm fairly certain it's using your browser proxy settings.

  • What will be the procedure when Update 2 comes along?

    Will it be incremental in that Update 1 needs to be installed before Update 2 or will Update 2 have all included changes from update 1.

    @Adam - Updates will be cumulative, so Update 2 will have everything from Update 1.

  • thanks for this cool tip :)

    @David Guyer (MSFT)

    can you implement it like the Office guy? When you put the updates in a special folder in the DVD, setup detects them and uses the new packages instead of the RTM bits.

  • Some comments on the download process.

    One of the things I find cool about downloading software from the internet is that usually when I download an installer I know:

    a) how big it is - which lets me know where to store it, approximately how long it should take, etc.

    b) how fast the download is going, which lets me work out if there's anything I can do on the system to speed up the download (e.g. pause other downloads etc.)

    c) I have the ability to pause and continue the download at a later date.

    The installer process provides none of these. It would be cool if v2 had at least 2 out of 3 of these items.

  • The Installation procedure ask for ..\packages\vc_librarycore\ But cab8 does not exists in that folder.

    What to do next?

    @WorstCase - I'm not sure how you're running your installation, but if you download the full update using the procedure outlined in the post above, you'll have a copy of in the /packages/vc_librarycore folder.

  • Is there a language switch? It's downloading the  Language Packs and I only need the English versión.

    @Juan - This update is a multi-language update. It has files for all of the supported languages. When you run the update, it'll install the language-appropriate bits.

  • What i don't understand is why you didnt simply put a full update available to download. Why we have to execute de update with the /layout command to download it manually.

    I hope you are aware that in business company, we don't want to download the update x100 times from the internet but only 1 time and distribute it to our team internally.

    Thank you for the update but i hope you will revise how you distribute your updates in the future :)

    @Alexandre - In our experience, large ISO files have a high incidence of download failure. The /layout option enables you to successfully download all the bits by making many small file transfers instead of one large file transfer. You can then create your own local ISO for internal use.

  • Thanks a ton! This is really a very useful tip.

  • @Andre - exactly - that's what I was hoping for - perhaps even just a "merging" of the packages directories.

    However the implementation - I just want to ensure that each developer, when they manually install VS2012, do it correctly.

    @David - Thanks.

    Can the updates be published in an in-house atom feed, alongside extensions?    (So that the nag screen of updates atleast gets it from a local drive)

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