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How to: Install Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 Offline

How to: Install Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 Offline

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Now available: How to: Install Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 Offline (updated version of the content below)

Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 is now available for download. You’ll find that only a web installer is provided, which means you need to be online to install it as it acquires the necessary packages for your installed product at installation time.

11-26-2012 2-06-42 PM

But don’t fret if you need to download Update 1 for ease of installation in a VM, or on a disconnected machine. The web installer for Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 (vsupdate_KB2707250.exe) has built-in functionality to create your own local copy of the full update (one size fits all – Express, Pro, Test Pro, Premium, and Ultimate).

Note This is similar to how you create a network image: How to: Create and Run an Unattended Installation of Visual Studio.

To create a local copy of Update, save the web installer locally. Then open a command prompt at that location and run the EXE with the /layout switch.

11-26-2012 1-40-51 PM

This will launch an interactive experience where you can designate the Download Location (by default, your My Documents folder).

11-26-2012 1-42-12 PM

Click Download and the installer will then acquire all of the packages and save them to the designated folder. You can even watch each category flash by on the screen as it downloads.

11-26-2012 1-42-36 PM

Once it’s complete, you get the all clear message that looks like this:

11-26-2012 1-50-49 PM

Go to the folder you designated earlier, and you can find all the files you need to install Update 1 offline:

11-26-2012 1-51-34 PM

Remember, this is the full update. It has everything for updating Visual Studio 2012 IDE products and Test Professional.

11-26-2012 1-53-11 PM

You can now burn a DVD (almost 1 GB), create an ISO for use with a VM, or copy the folder structure to a portable drive. Be sure you copy both the EXE and the Packages folder from this download location. This version of the EXE will look for the packages locally instead of online.

This process works with most of the Visual Studio 2012 web installers, too. If you choose to download a Visual Studio 2012 product, chances are you’re running a build of the web installer with the /layout switch hard coded into it.


  • I'm trying to download this, and getting the "Unable to Locate Package Source" message as well.  Could this be because I'm behind a military firewall?  I'm heading on over to the MSFT forums.  Thanks.

  • Hi!

    Just a quick note: Are you aware that Update 1 only includes the english (ENU) version of the "Entity Framework Designer" (EFTools.msi)? I tested it with the german version of VS2012 and Update 1 replaces the originally german version with an updated english one. Will this be fixed in update 2?

  • oooo - I like that trick!

  • Absolute crap. They should have made an offline installer for us, period. This is sh1t.

  • This is great information which i was searching from long time

  • Thanks a lot...very helpful...

  • I've followed the directions and have the packages.  But one one machine when I launch the installer, it just shows a splash screen for a split second and exits.  No messages, nothing.  The only thing on that machine that I can think of is that VS2012 is installed on drive D due to lack of space on drive C?  Any ideas?

  • I too am getting a quick splash screen and that is all.

    I have tried running it from the command line with the layout switch and the splash screen lasts a fraction of a second longer but I get the same results.  Nothing.....

  • For those experiencing the ''Unable to locate package source"  message;

    1) Follow the procedure above to download the Update 1 install files locally using the /layout switch. I did this at home and burned a DVD because it did not work from within our company network (you do not need Visual Studio installed to do this).

    2) Successful installation of Update 1 was only achieved in conjunction with updating the Nuget Package Manager from within VS 2012 Tools > Extensions & Updates

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for this. Talk to mgt. There is little shame for one MS employee to issue an iso instead of having all customers waste multiples of man hours to hunt down tips & toy w/this.

  • Thanks Rob, it's really helpful!

  • OK i downloaded the files and transferred folder to dev machine.... how do i install the updatate now ? I hope i dont have to run each package individually. ?

  • Hard to believe you can't simply download an update1 iso file to install this from.  Using the /layout switch does not work behind a proxy with user credentials.  So I must download this at home, burn a DVD, bring it to work, and install.  Not sure why this update is limited, but MS should provide multiple methods for updates as they do with other products.

  • Why it is not available through WSUS updates?

    - large update? no, check SQL / Windows / something else service packs, they are large enough

    - Possibility of a corruption while download? no, never heard of troubles in WSUS downloads

    WSUS is a central point of updates, almost everything is delivered through them but why not update1?

  • May anyone here make a link on mediafire? Thanks. My internet connection is crap.

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