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  • Blog Post: Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, December 15th

    ALM Summit 2011: Being Agile Across Technology Borders with Martin Woodward William D. Bartholomew: Updating Associated Changesets and Work Items without Updating Work Items Eric Lippert: Shadowcasting in C#, Part Two Ron Jacobs: Troubleshooting Silverlight, WorkflowServices, WCF and Behavior Extensions...
  • Blog Post: The Unchangeable Rules of Software Change, Redux

    Back in January, I blogged about Brad Appleton ’s Unchangeable Rules of Software Change. In February, Brad, together with Robert Cowham and Steve Berczuk, expanded on that topic in a longer, but still easy to read, article by the same title for CM Crossroads . I missed his post about the article...
  • Blog Post: Iterative Development Resources

    Need to blog this one so I don't lose the link. Some reading for a rainy day... Saying "do iterative development" is one thing. Figuring out how to actually do it for a group in an organization that isn't accustomed to it is another thing entirely. So here is a list of resources on the subject of...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Outlook Programming

    I’m looking into creating an Outlook add-in and came across what appears to be a must have resource, Sue Mosher’s , which does a phenomenal job of aggregating Outlook programming content. “ is a meeting place for people who want to make Outlook work harder for themselves...
  • Blog Post: Developer Readiness Program (

    This site [ Developer Readiness Program ] has a nice little treasure trove of posters and other resources about Microsoft technologies. See their Published Media page for particulars.
  • Blog Post: Official Guidelines for User Interface Developers and Designers

    Official Guidelines for User Interface Developers and Designers "The Microsoft Windows User Experience, an indispensable guide to designing software that runs with the Microsoft® Windows® operating system."
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