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  • Blog Post: Coda

    Over 15 years ago, I joined Microsoft and I have worked in and around Visual Studio ever since. It seems like eons ago given how much things have changed in this industry, this company, my life, and the world over the past 5716 days. It amuses me that my earliest projects live on in MSDN Library: the...
  • Blog Post: Top 10 Rush Mix for Getting Work Done - Studio & Live

    Blog post 2112 has to be a Rush post, right? Here's my Top 10 Rush mix for when I need to get work done. I can listen to this on repeat for hours. La Villa Strangiato from Hemispheres Where's My Thing? from Roll the Bones The Main Monkey Business from Snakes & Arrows Headlong Flight...
  • Blog Post: Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, February 1st

    Practical.NET: Creating the Perfect ASP.NET UI with Web Parts and User Controls John Papa: 2 Great JavaScript Data-Binding Libraries Julie Lerman: Making Do with Absent Foreign Keys Pratap Lakshman: Memory Profiling for Application Performance Windows Phone Blog: [Special Edition] It's Kinect day! The...
  • Blog Post: Another Rush Show, Another Post

    At White River again with my daughter for another Rush concert (see Figure the Odds and Rush Redux ). A bunch of Microsofties chartered a bus this time, which makes life a bit easier. The bus A/V system only supports VHS, but I still have an old VHS copy of A Show of Hands . By the time that ended we...
  • Blog Post: Wikipedia Featured Article: Rush

    I just went out to Wikipedia to look something up and I see my favorite Canadian trio is Today's featured article . Rush is a Canadian progressive rock band comprising bassist , keyboardist and vocalist Geddy Lee , guitarist Alex Lifeson , and drummer and lyricist Neil Peart . Rush was formed...
  • Blog Post: Rush - The top artist listened to by Software Developers and WebMasters

    In keeping with the Rush theme that permeates my blog from time to time : Rush - The top artist listened to by Software Developers and WebMasters A couple of weeks ago on this blog I asked what music inspires you to write killer code? Little did I know that a couple of days later The Register published...
  • Blog Post: Rush Meet and Greet at XM Radio

    After the taping at XM Radio , Alex & Geddy did a meet & greet session for audience members to get photos and autographs. They had a professional photographer at the event and I just got an e-mail saying the pics are ready. Here's the thumbnail of my picture:
  • Blog Post: Rush Redux

    Posting from another Rush concert - this time from Nissan Pavilion in Virginia; got to meet Geddy & Alex at a taping of XM Radio 's Artist Confidential show on Rush (hosted by George Taylor Morris ) earlier today; what an awesome day. [UPDATED to include links]
  • Blog Post: Figure the Odds

    I'm at White River with my daughter Stephanie waiting for my "Evening with Rush" to start. Who is sitting right behind me? The one and only Don Box . Figure the odds. [UPDATE] - How geeky is it to blog at a concert? [UPDATE 2] - Added links. [UPDATE 3] - Plus, I've been Scobleized .
  • Blog Post: Another Kind of Feedback

    While I'm excited about the MSDN Product Feedback Center announcement I mentioned earlier , I've actually been counting down to 6/29 for a different kind of Feedback : Even the godfathers of prog cut their teeth on heads-down, no-nonsense rock 'n' roll, as they remind us on this eight-song EP...
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