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  • Blog Post: New Team System Stuff - 2004-08-15

    You may (or may not) notice that I've removed the growing blogroll I've had of Microsofties blogging about Visual Studio Team System . I wanted an easier way to maintain and eventually annotate the list, so I moved them to a separate page (as a .TEXT article). You can find them all here and linked from...
  • Blog Post: Alan Greensill on VSTS

    Another TechEd 2004 Europe attendee, Alan Greensill , has a post that covers his thoughts on the source control portion of Visual Studio Team System . Visual Studio 2005 Team System The one that interested me the most was the application of Policy to check-ins. This allows rules to be defined at the...
  • Blog Post: Dave Verwer on VSTS

    Dave Verwer , who's attending TechEd 2004 Europe in Amsterdam this week, has a nice post on how the presentations he's seeing there on Visual Studio Team System have changed his opinion of it (for the better). TechEd 2004 Europe - Day 3 - Visual Studio Team System I have attended 3 sessions here today...
  • Blog Post: TechEd Europe - Express & MSDN Product Feedback Center

    At TechEd Europe today, Microsoft officially announced ( and mentioned here last week) the Express editions of Visual Studio and the MSDN Product Feedback Center ("Ladybug"). The Express products offer lightweight, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn products that enable the nonprofessional to quickly build...
  • Blog Post: UPDATED: Creating and Running Unit Tests Walkthrough

    For those that have a copy of the Visual Studio 2005 May 2004 CTP, we just posted an update to the unit test walkthrough on our GotDotNet Workspace : v1.0.4168 ====== Updated "Creating and Running Unit Tests". In the procedure "Create and Execute a Manual Test", we improved the description of creating...
  • Blog Post: Walkthroughs are Now Available for Visual Studio 2005 CTP May 2004

    We weren't able to get these on the DVD for TechEd or into the .iso, so we just posted seven walkthroughs in this GotDotNet workspace : For testing: Creating and Running Unit Tests Recording and Playing Back a Web Test Creating a Coded Web Test Adding a Web Test to a Load Test For code analysis: Analyzing...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Team System End-to-End Scenario Video

    As reported by Michael Swanson on his blog: “If you missed Tech·Ed 2004 (and even if you didn’t), you can now download a video of the general session that covered our new Visual Studio Team System.” This is the end-to-end demonstration of Visual Studio Team System that...
  • Blog Post: on Keith Short's ARC400 Session at TechEd

    I missed this session at TechEd, as noted here . This post from Keith Short has a link to article (with a great thread that follows it) that covers Keith's TechEd session (ARC400 - Tools for Architecture: Developing SOA). “Keith Short started out by saying how lucky he...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Team System on MSDN TV

    Check out this 11-minute clip shot down at TechEd for MSDN TV. Brian Harry discusses Team System.
  • Blog Post: Time to Go Home

    “Reading departure signs in some big airport, Reminds me of the places I've been.” - Jimmy Buffett Okay, so the San Diego International Airport (aka Lindbergh Field) is not exactly a “big airport” by my standards, and there are only two cities (Chicago and Philadelphia) on...
  • Blog Post: DEV303 Summary Posted

    I'll post the accompanying photos later, but here are the notes .
  • Blog Post: DEV302 Summary Posted

    I'll post the accompanying photos later, but here are the notes .
  • Blog Post: Notes on the DEVC32 Cabaña Session

    Korby Parnell has posted a thorough treatment of Doug Neumann's Cabaña Session, DEVC32 - Managing Software Configuration with Visual Studio 2005 .
  • Blog Post: San Diego Convention Center

    I will say this about the San Diego Convention Center - it's beautiful. It's not the Taj Mahal or Castle Neuschwanstein , but it is architecturally pleasing. Inside the Convention Center
  • Blog Post: Everybody Loves the Track Cabañas

    People like Scott Mitchell are blogging on the success of a new TechEd feature - the Track Cabañas. These are gatherings that are less formal than the breakout sessions. They provide an interactive opportunity for people to drill-down on subjects in greater detail with the technology experts. If...
  • Blog Post: Aw, shucks

    “Predicting that VS.NET Team System will fundamentally change the development universe is like predicting that the sun will rise again tomorrow.” - Michael Earls Thanks, Michael. I think I can speak for everyone on team that is building Visual Studio Team System when I say that TechEd...
  • Blog Post: DEV301 Summary Posted

    Just posted an article with a synopsis of Tom Arnold's DEV301 session (Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Enabling Better Software through Better Testing). You can find it posted here . Lots of pictures in this one. Sorry for the poor photo quality.
  • Blog Post: TechEd 2004 Conference Highlights

    There's a page on the Microsoft site providing conference highlights that's updated at least daily. Among other things (e.g., photos, webcasts, etc.) they also have links to keynote transcripts for Steve Ballmer (opening keynote) and Andrew Lees (Tuesday keynote).
  • Blog Post: SteveB Keynote Transcript and PowerPoint Slides are Posted

    The transcript from Steve Ballmer's opening keynote at TechEd on Monday is now available online with the accompanying PowerPoint slides.
  • Blog Post: ARC400 - Oops, I missed it. Notes, anyone?

    I missed the ARC400 session (Tools for Architecture: Developing Service-Oriented Systems) at 3:15 PM today in 7AB. If anyone has notes, please send me a link. Thanks. [UPDATE] - See this post .
  • Blog Post: Good VSTS Article on FTPOnline

    There's a good article on Visual Studio Team System on FTPOnline . They also have a page that aggregates all of their TechEd 2004 coverage.
  • Blog Post: DEV300 Summary Posted

    Just posted an article with a synopsis of Lori Lamkin's DEV300 session (Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Software Project Management). You can find it posted here .
  • Blog Post: DEV200 Summary Posted

    "The difference between the possible and the impossible lies in a person's determination." - Tommy Lasorda I tried to capture a summary of the general session that was held this morning on Visual Studio Team System. It was too long for a blog post, so I posted it as an article. You can find it here...
  • Blog Post: Quite the contrary

    In his post about the opening keynote at TechEd, Ryan Gregg observes : “Visual Studio 2005 Team System looks like a very useful integration that will probably upset a lot of third party vendors.” It's quite the contrary, Ryan. I think Team System is going to create a wealth of opportunities...
  • Blog Post: It's much, much more

    "Come Monday, Micrososft will show the world why it didn't buy Rational." - Anonymous eWeek article quote During the Steve Ballmer's opening keynote, Prashant Sridharan gave a 5-minute run-through of just a few of the features in Visual Studio Team System. There's a whole lot more to see. If you want...
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