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Rob Chambers talks about Speech Recognition, Life at Microsoft inside OSD, and other random thoughts...
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    Windows Vista Beta 1 Speech Recognition Features

    There are many features in Speech Recognition in Windows Vista Beta 1 (and even more in Beta 2 — but I can’t tell you about those yet ). I can, however, tell you about all the cool work we put into Beta 1. In the spirit of connecting with customers...
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    Back from vacation

    I bet you’re all wondering what happened to me… Well, I went to Cannon Beach. No all people working on Speech Recognition at Microsoft don’t get a discount or something on hotels at Cannon Beach, it’s just a coincidence that Richard...
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    Dictation in Windows Vista

    One of the goals for Speech Recognition in Windows Vista is to enable users to input text into edit controls in any part of the OS, and in any part of any application running on the OS. Ideally this would work with anything that the user thinks is an...
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    Commanding and Dictation - One mode or two in Windows Vista?

    A few followers of my blog have recently asked me: In Office XP, Office 2003, and in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, there are two separate modes for Commanding and for Dictation. Will this still be true in Windows Vista Speech Recognition? I'm...
  • Rob's Rhapsody

    Thursday's Customer Presentation - A Success!!

    First, I'd like to thank those customers who took time out of their busy schedules to come up to Redmond to see our latest Beta 2 progress, and give us very important feedback on how we're doing. It was quite a tremendous day, Thursday, for the entire...
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