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Rob Chambers talks about Speech Recognition, Life at Microsoft inside OSD, and other random thoughts...
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    Every single thing Windows Vista Speech Recognition is listening for

    Many people have been wondering what the entire command set is for Speech Recognition in Windows Vista. Short of giving you the source code (which I can't do ... :-)), this is this best way I've come up with sharing that information with you. It's been...
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    Speech Recognition and its "off" state

    Recently we got some feedback from the Vista beta newsgroups about how the recognizer switches between "Listening" mode and "Off" or "Sleep" mode. Currently, if you're running on AC power, and you say "Stop Listening" or you press the "Control-Windows...
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    Merit Software's Text Talker

    This morning I read about another new SAPI 5 based application, called Text Talker , from Merit Software . From their press release: New York, NY (PRWEB) February 14, 2006 -- Merit Software announces the addition of a voice component, called the...
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    We’re curious what microphones you currently use for speech recognition. Let us know, so we can make sure we test the top ones … Send us a note here .
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