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Rob Chambers talks about Speech Recognition, Life at Microsoft inside OSD, and other random thoughts...
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    PCMag reviews Vista

    The latest issue of PC Magazine is out (to subscribers) and it has a great review of Windows Vista in it. You can check it out online here . It also mentions Windows Speech Recognition as one of the many "Secrets" in the OS.
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    Speech Recognition - Ready for Prime Time?

    Jarred Walton posted an accuracy and performance comparison of DNS 8 with Microsoft's Office 2003 Speech Recognition. You should check it out:
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    Voco uses Microsoft Speech Recognition

    One of the neat upcoming remote controls I've been watching is the Voco Voice Commander . It's based on VoiceBox technology that is based on Microsoft's own Speech Recognition platform . Neat.
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    Automated podcasting using SAPI and TTS

    Francis Shanahan wrote me over the weekend, with a very neat automated podcaster that's he's written using SAPI. I listened to a few of his posts and it's quite cool. It's funny, though ... I was just thinking a few weeks ago that I needed to build...
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    Robocast of Rob's Rhapsody

    Hey, check it out. Now I have a podcast of Rob's Rhapsody, thanks to Francis Shanahan's Robocast app. Nice...
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