Karl Barksdale wrote to me earlier in the week about the great success he had with Vista SR at "THE FIRST WINDOWS VISTA SPEECH RECOGNITION CLASS IN BUSINESS EDUCATION". And it happened 3 months before Vista SR will likely be available to consumers...

Here's just a sampling of what Karl had to say:

One experienced speech recognition teacher summarized the feelings of most when she said Vista speech "IS A DREAM."

What amazed the instructors most was the instant accuracy right out-of-the-box.

The instructors went directly into the new speech application and began talking. One teacher reported that her first sentences were 100% and said, "THE ACCURACY IS AMAZING." This comment is all the more amazing when you know that the session was only an hour and a half in duration so there wasn't time to complete the tutorial or to read an initial training story. (An initial story reading is not required anymore with Microsoft’s new speech recognition.)

Windows Vista speech recognition was a runaway hit. Every instructor I talked to expressed how easy Vista SR was to use and how much easier it is going to be to teach speech recognition to kids in a Vista lab. It seemed to me that the more experience a teacher had with speech recognition instruction the more excited they were about Vista. The experienced SR instructors seemed in complete agreement that Windows Vista SR is going to make teaching speech much easier when compared with previous SR applications.

Glad it worked for you and all your colleagues, Karl.