The Microsoft Office Information Bridge Framework 1.0 Resource Kit includes tools, documentation, and sample solutions. The Resource Kit is a useful aid for new or experienced Information Bridge Framework solution developers.

The resource kit is divided into three distinct sets of downloads: Tools, Documentation,and Sample Solutions. These downloads contain sample solutions. For the Documentationand Tools downloads, see Related Resources.

A sample solution is an example of an Information Bridge solution that demonstratessome common functionality. You can use the sample solutions as a guide to understandhow to develop your own Information Bridge solutions.

These downloads include the following sample solutions and a white paper:
  • A generic customer relationship management sample solution (MOIBF1.0_ResKit_Solutions_Sample1.0.exe)
  • An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system sample solution based on Oracle LOB applications (MOIBF1.0_ResKit_Solutions_Oracle1.0.exe)
  • A Hello World sample solution (MOIBF1.0_ResKit_Solutions_HelloWorld1.0.exe)
  • Developing a Hello World Sample Solution for Information Bridge Framework White Paper (HelloWorldWhitePaper.doc, included in MOIBF1.0_ResKit_Solutions_HelloWorld1.0.exe)