Technical Guidance for Connecting Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Portal Server 2003 to SAP R/3 demonstrates how to extend the functionality of a portal built on Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to incorporate information stored in an SAP system. This sample portal site utilizes SharePoint Web Parts, .NET Web services, and the SAP .NET Connector.
There are two examples in this sample portal site: one example demonstrates how to display a user's personnel information from an SAP system in a Web Part, and the other demonstrates how to view information about open purchase orders in the SAP system in a Web Part.
User access to the SAP system is handled through the Single Sign-On service in SharePoint Portal Server 2003. The Single Sign-On service enables users to seamlessly access data in the SAP system from within the portal by mapping their Microsoft Windows® credentials to their SAP user name and password.
This sample portal site is not a fully functioning solution. It is a working sample that can be utilized to jump-start the process of understanding, designing, and developing a full solution that integrates SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and an SAP system. An understanding of SAP business application programming interfaces (BAPIs) and SAP remote function calls (RFCs) is required to fully implement the solution.