[Roberdan] How do you can change my quota (and only mine) so quickly?

[Xuhao] It’s a feature of WSS. If you deployed WSS, go to http://localhost:8080/SiteQuota.aspx and you will be able to manage quota for sites.

[Roberdan] have you moved my collection to another server? or what?

[Xuhao] No.

[Roberdan] if you want I can post this info on my blog: I think could be very usefull for my customers...

[Xuhao] Yes, please and thanks.

[Roberdan] Also, how do you manage users?

[Xuhao] WSS of OfficeISP is deployed in so called AD-Creation mode, which means the site user AD accounts don’t exist before you invite user to your site. When you invite user to your site, an AD account is created on the fly (and stored in a specific OU that the WSS app pool ID has permission to create child object) for your site user.

[Roberdan] do you have an external Active Directory?

[Xuhao] Yes, we have a AD domain called OfficeISP.local for the OfficeISP WSS hosting.

[Roberdan] provisioning is self-developed or mcs o market solution?

[Xuhao] We use stsadm command to create site. As mentioned above, the AD account creation is automatic when you invite user to your site. 

THX Xuhao!