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March, 2008

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    WebDAV Extension for Windows Server 2008 RTM is released!

    Earlier today the Microsoft released the RTM version of the new Microsoft WebDAV Extension for IIS 7.0 for Windows Server 2008! Listed below are the links for the download pages for each of the individual installation packages: 32-bit Installation...
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    OK - I have to admit that one of my favorite features for IIS 7 is " Failed Request Tracing ", otherwise known as " FREB ". I've taught breakout sessions about FREB at Microsoft TechEd , and IT administrators love it. (By the way - FREB was originally...
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    Automating IIS 7 Backups

    Many years ago I wrote the following KB article: How To Schedule Metabase Backups Using WSH Truth be told, I wrote the script in that article to help me manage several servers that I controlled. Once I finished the script, I found myself routinely...
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    Enabling WebDAV on IIS 6

    I had a great question from someone the other day about enabling WebDAV on IIS 6, so I wrote a simple Windows Script Host (WSH) utility that does the trick. Because I'm a firm believer that writing code for one person will ultimately benefit someone else...
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