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August, 2010

  • Robert McMurray's Blog [MSFT]

    Life after FPSE (Part 5)

    We recently hosted a group of customers from a large hosting company here at Microsoft, and as the meeting was getting started everyone in the room was introducing themselves to the other attendees. As I was shaking hands with one of our visitors, I introduced...
  • Robert McMurray's Blog [MSFT]

    Configuration Reference Update and Help File Downloads

    Over the past few months we've been working on an update to the IIS Configuration Reference, which is on at the following URL: This new update adds several specialized code samples and dozens of additional...
  • Robert McMurray's Blog [MSFT]

    Uh, yeah - I meant to fix that...

    One of my coworkers ( Mike Pope ) sent me the link to a great blog post by Raymond Chen that was titled " Don't forget to replace your placeholder bitmaps with real bitmaps ". Raymond's blog was a good story, but he referenced another great blog post...
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