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  • Blog Post: Command-Line Utility to Create BlogEngine.NET Password Hashes

    I ran into an interesting predicament the other day, and I thought that both the situation and my solution were worth sharing. Here's the scenario: I host websites for several family members and friends, and one of my family member's uses BlogEngine.NET for her blog. (As you may have seen in my previous...
  • Blog Post: How to Create an Authentication Provider for FTP 7.5 using BlogEngine.NET's XML Membership Files

    I ran into an interesting situation recently with BlogEngine.NET that I thought would make a good blog post. Here's the background for the environment : I host several blog sites for friends of mine, and they BlogEngine.NET for their blogging engine. From a security perspective this works great for...
  • Blog Post: Adding Windows Phone 7 Support to BlogEngine.NET

    I love BlogEngine.NET, and I love my Windows Phone 7 mobile phone, so it goes without saying that I would want the two technologies to work together. I'm currently using BlogEngine.NET 1.6.1, but Windows Phone 7 is not supported by default. That being said, it's really easy to add support for Windows...
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