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  • Blog Post: Simple Utility to Calculate File Hashes

    I have to download various files from time-to-time, and it's nice when websites provide checksum hashes so I can validate that the file I just downloaded matches the version on the server. (ON a related note, I wrote a blog several years ago which showed how to create a provider for the IIS FTP service...
  • Blog Post: How to trust the IIS Express Self-Signed Certificate

    I had an interesting question from a coworker today that I thought would make a great blog. Here's the scenario... Problem Description My coworker was using WebMatrix to create a website, although he could have been using Visual Studio and he would have run into the same problem. The problem he...
  • Blog Post: Custom Post-Build Events for Compiling FTP Providers

    I've written a lot of walkthroughs and blog posts about creating custom FTP providers over the past several years, and I usually include instructions like the following example for adding a custom post-build event that will automatically register your extensibility provider in the Global Assembly Cache...
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