Our Response Point SP2 trouble-shooting guide's been updated: http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/7/F/07FBEA5A-FEB7-4B27-92B0-8DD4CC3F3C53/RPTroubleshootingGuide.pdf

Among a variety of updated topics, it also has the official word on Exchange 2007 integration, which I also posted on a few weeks back

Here's a cut/paste of the table of contents:

7 Questions to Ask Before Troubleshooting the System
Issue 1: Undetected Devices
Issue 2: Unrecognized IP Addresses
Issue 3: Faulty Connection to Phone
Issue 4: Faulty Connection to Phone Lines
Issue 5: Faulty Connection to Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Server
Using Response Point with Exchange 2007
Issue 6: Logon Attempts Failed
Issue 7: Dropped Calls
Issue 8: Low Call Volume
Issue 9: Speech Misrecognition
Issue 10: Unlit Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
Additional Resources
Appendix: Error Messages