I said that I might find something interesting to blog about during my trip to Florida. Well, I didn’t find anything interesting here (other than the dolphin that tried to attack my son – but I’ll save that for a different time), so I thought I'd tell you about something interesting going on in VB.


We recently announced that through a partnership with Developer Express we are offering a free copy of their Refactor! product to Visual Basic users. The product is really incredible and feels just as if it were a part of Visual Basic. They've done a great job at implementing a user model that just "feels right." That type of "feels right' approach is what we strive for in Visual Basic for all of our features, so this product was a natural fit.


Many of you may remember earlier in the Whidbey product cycle when we told you that we would not have refactoring support in Visual Basic. It's never easy (nor much fun) to have to make feature cuts, especially when we know our users really want that functionality. We certainly got a lot of feedback from you telling us that you wanted us to find a way to provide this functionality. I'm glad we were able to do just that.


I hope you all get a chance to download the beta 2 version of Refactor! and give it a whirl. I think you'll be very happy with it. Let us know what you think.