I finished getting through my email and then planning my week. The big items this week that I will spend time on are:


  1. Working with the team on programs we’ll do over the next year to continue to help folks get to .NET, deliver great content for VB, and generally make sure everyone knows how awesome VB 2005 is. (Microsoft’s fiscal year ends Jun 30, so we’re trying to get our planning for fiscal year 06 buttoned up).
  2. Working on team needs over the next year. What resources do I need to accomplish my goals? What talent does the team need? Who is ready to step up to bigger challenges, etc. (our budget planning is also underway for next fiscal year).


I had a quick chat with Jay Roxe about how we’ll measure success over the next year. We are working on this so that we can measure ourselves as well as tell Soma (our VP) what we think we can accomplish.


I met with Melinda, my administrative assistant, to go over my schedule for the next couple of weeks and some upcoming team events. She pointed out that I have a review with Soma in a couple weeks to talk about work we’re doing around Avalon design-time support. Nothing big to share with you yet, but we need to keep him updated on our plans and how we’re progressing. When I have more to share you can bet I will. There’s some really exciting stuff there.


And, Paul Yuknewicz stopped by to make sure we have adequate time today to finalize a different meeting we’re having with Soma tomorrow. This meeting is all about what we’ve been doing in the VB space over the past few months. We’ll talk to him about goals we’ve achieved (like launching VBRun), things we still need to work harder on (read: not making good progress on), and what we’ve learned since the last time we talked. It should be a good meeting.


I’m off to grab a quick lunch.