I'm just getting ready to plow through my email from yesterday afternoon and last night. I didn't get my 3 email reading sessions in yesterday as I had hoped. And, for some reason, after dinner last night, I just didn't feel like reading it all (I read a few) :).

I forgot to mention that yesterday morning I stopped in at the VSData SDR (software design review). The team has brought in several customers to get some early feedback on directions, decisions, and the future. I always love meeting and talking to new people, especially customers. I didn't get much of a chance to talk with folks yesterday, though, but I did get to sit through a discussion about what was most important in data tools that Lance Delano lead (what *is* more important: productivity, understanding everything that's going on, or super low-level control). The answers were varied and the reasons behind them were interesting and well thought out.

I also talked to Brandon Bynum last night as I was walking out the door (as an aside, this is why I always call my wife from the car. Every time I call from the office to say 'I'm leaving' I run in to someone and end up being delayed ;)). Brandon is the QA Manager for the .NET Client team (the team that produces Windows Forms). We were talking about moving some resources around to help ensure that we have all the right things happening on Whidbey to ensure the highest quality when we ship (Brandon is super-passionate about quality, which is as it should be). We've got a great plan in place that will take us to RTM and deliver an awesome product. But due to some unforseen issues (people not being able to start when we thought because of office space limitations) we've got to do some "tweaking" of our plans. I'm sure we'll get it worked out.

I'll check in later. Good morning!