Our review meeting with Soma went well. We covered a lot of things that we accomplished this last fiscal year and some things we didn't do so well at. Things that went well (that Soma agreed with :)) are:

  1. Launching VBRun (way to go Jay Roxe!).
  2. Getting some new VB case studies in the works. We some great ones coming out. Check the Microsoft case study site.
  3. Continued increased usage of VB.NET
  4. We've done a bunch of migration labs. These are week-long events where companies can come in and work in a lab with product team folks to learn about and make actual progress migration applications to VB.NET.

However, there were areas that we need to do better at (aren't there always). Some of these (and again, Soma agreed) are:

  1. Interactions with our subsidiaries on VB awareness and programs. Microsoft is a big company with offices all over the world. Even though my team formed some good relationships with some of our subsidiaries to create new VB materials and programs, we didn't do a very good job maintaining those relationships and making progress with them. We'll do better next year.
  2. We still feel we need to do a better job making sure our samples, whitepapers, and other content have great VB support. We're putting together plans to address this in a broader and more measurable way.

All-in-all, it was a good review.

I met with Niklas Gustafsson this afternoon. Niklas is an architect on my team that focuses on some future technologies we're working on. The main area of focus for him is creating new and innovative ways in the langauge and in the runtime to do distributed programming. This involves new concepts around concurrency, application and component distribution, message handling, etc. Think the VB model for Indigo. We are looking for a couple people to work on this effort. As soon as I can figure out how to find links to the job postings I'll post them here :).